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12V car Led light control photoresistor relay module light detection sensor c4

12V car Led light control photoresistor relay module light detection sensor c4

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Package Includes 

1 Piece  -photoresistor  relay 

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Product Description

 12V light control switch photoresistor light sensor detection switch plus relay module


This module is a 12V power supply stable version , without delay , relay no light pull, light off


Light detection, brightness detection by detecting the brightness potentiometer adjustable valve point , comes relays, do all kinds of brightness detection switch , you can control a variety of lights at night automatically open during the day and automatically turns off and the vehicle supplies control and automation equipment .
Module Features :
1, using the photoresistor light intensity sensor , comes with relays, direct control of the load
2 , power bits adjust the sensitivity by adjusting potentiometer, set start relay threshold , when the dark this threshold, the module relay , bright this threshold, the relay releases ;
3,12 V power input relays designed for use onboard 78L05 voltage regulator transistors, providing sensors compare Used , make the product more stable and reliable ;
4 , onboard opto-isolated drive relays, the effective protection of the chip , make the product more reliable work ;
5, with 4 fixing bolt holes for easy installation
6 , small plate PCB size : 5cm x 2.6cm
7 , using a wide voltage LM393 comparator
Module for use:
1, the photosensitive resistor module most sensitive to ambient light , generally used to detect the brightness of the ambient light .
2 , dark ambient light module in the set threshold, the relay , normally open end and connected to the public , when the outside ambient light brighter than the set threshold, the relay is switched off , the common and normally closed terminal connected ;
3 , common, normally open , normally closed three ports is equivalent to a dual-control switch, relay coil power , often beginning with common terminal conduction, no electricity , the common and normally closed terminal conduction ;
Electrical parameters:
Supply voltage : 12VDC
Current : more than 100mA
Load : 250V 10A AC or DC 30V 10A (below a current of this range can be used)

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