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20x DIODES SOLAR PANEL 6 amp 6A10 6A 1000V 1KV Axial Rectifier Schottky Blocking

20x DIODES SOLAR PANEL 6 amp 6A10 6A 1000V 1KV Axial Rectifier Schottky Blocking

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20 Pieces -   Diodes

Product Description

6 Amp Axial Rectifier Diode 6A10 6A 1000V 1KV


Diodes are used to stop the flow of electricity to flow one way.  A diode is like a water check valve, but for electricity. So if you have a solar panel hooked up to a battery for charging, it may start to drain back into the solar panel. When the sun goes down, the diode is to stop this from happening.  If your using a solar charger or regulator, most of the time you won't have this problem and therefore, no need for diodes.  When using diodes for your solar panels or solar cells it may drop your amps a little.

A charge or solar controller regulates the voltage and current coming from your solar panels to your batteries.

Depending on the type and brand, solar panels put out 16 to 50+ DC volts, so if there is no regulation the batteries may be damaged from overcharging. Generally, there is no need for a charge controller with the small 1 to 5 watt trickle charge panels.  A rough rule is that if the panel puts out 1/60th or less per day of the rated battery amp-hour capacity, you don't need one.

Testing charge controllers: Nearly all charge controllers REQUIRE that they be hooked up to a battery in order to operate. You cannot hook up a solar panel to the input and use the LOAD or OUTPUT with no battery connected. Also, if you try to measure the volts or amps on those terminals with no battery, you will not get a valid reading.

Since most use a solar charger controller or solar charger regulator, I would say in most cases diodes are more popular with generators made from dc motors.  You can make wind turbines and hydro power with dc motors.

However, you need diodes so the generator does not become an electric motor and start turning when hooked up to a battery. The diode will stop this from happening.


 Axial Lead Silicon Rectifier Diodes

Maximum Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage: 1000V

Maximum RMS Voltage: 700V

Maximum DC Blocking Voltage: 1000V

Maximum Average Forward Rectified Current (60Hz, resistive or inductive load. Debate current by 20% for capacitive load): 6A

Peak Forward Surge Current (8.3ms single half sine-wave superimposed on rated load-JEDEC Method): 400A

Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Range: -55° to +125°C

Maximum Forward Voltage (IF=6A): 0.95V

Maximum DC Reverse Current at Rated DC Blocking Voltage (TA=25°): 5uA

Maximum DC Reverse Current at Rated DC Blocking Voltage (TA=100°C): 400uA

Typical Junction Capacitance (VR=4V, f=1MHz): 100pF

Maximum Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient: 10°C/W


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