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2CH RF Wireless Remote Control Momentary/Toggle/Latch C   b14

2CH RF Wireless Remote Control Momentary/Toggle/Latch C b14

$ 23.00

I made this Instructional video to help explain how this RF unit works. 


Key Features of the 2A 2 channel RF Controller with metal remote

  • Metal remote with sliding cover case
  • Three modes: Toggle, Momentary,Latched
  • 1527 IC auto encode/decode
  • Individual relay Output



  • Distance: 100M(300 feet)
  • Power supply: 12V
  • Encode/Decode: Yes(Learning Code)
  • Control Type: 3 modes:( Momentary, Toggle, Latch)
  • Relay: 3A/125VAC, 3A/14V DC
  • Receiver Board Size: 8cm x 10cm x 3cm Remote
  • Size: 5.5cm x 7.5cm x 3cm


  • Toggle: Press=On, Press again=Off
  • Momentary: Press=On, Release=Off
  • Latched: Press=On, Release=On (locked)

J1,J2,J3 Open = Toggle mode (all channel) 
J1 Open, J2 Open, J3 Closed: Momentary mode (all channel) 
J1 Open, J2 Closed, J3 Opened: Latched Mode (all channel) 
J1 Closed, J2 Open, J3 Open: Self latched and release only recycled power
Model: ERF-2A433
Description: 2Channel RF Controller
Channel: 2
Chipset: 1527
Frequency: 433MHz
Range: 100~150m

2 channel RF transmitter and receiver instructions - YouTube

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