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Reed switch 12v control relay module magnetic detect sensor C20

Reed switch 12v control relay module magnetic detect sensor C20

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Package Includes 

1 Piece -  Reed switch 12v module 

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Module Features:

1, use normally open reed with relay directly control the load

2, operating voltage 12V

3, output forms: direct access DC30V 10A or AC 220V 10A load

4, with 4 fixing bolt holes for easy installation

5, small PCB board size: 5cm x 2.6cm

 6, using a wide voltage LM393 comparator


Electrical parameters:

Supply voltage: 12VDC

Current: more than 100mA

Load: 250V 10A AC or 30V 10A


Module for use:

1, Reed needs use with magnets, in magnetic induction, the relay actuation, public terminal connected with common terminal, when no magnetic induction to relay disconnected, common and normally closed terminal turned on;

2, reed switch sensing distance within 1.5cm from magnet;

3, common, normally open, normally closed three terminal is equivalent to a dual-control switch, relay coil power, public terminal beginning connect with common terminal conduction, when there is no electricity, common and normally closed terminal conduction; would show guide state, relay actuation, when there is no magnetic force, turns disconnected.

Reed switch relay how to wire - YouTube

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